Our Philosophy

Founded in 2005, our Optical Engines team has striven to bring novel and innovative fiber laser device and system technologies to the market, and if our over 50 cumulative years of experience has taught us anything,  it is that when our focus is truly on making our customers successful,  our own company thrives and frankly it is a lot more fun.  This customer success orientation informs and guides who we are and every thing we do.  Our customers are so much more than people we sell things to;  they are our collaborators, our partners and our friends.

Our Team

Before starting Optical Engines, our President and CEO Don Sipes was a founding member of the Optical Communications Group at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He was placed in charge of several systems study programs, most notably the optical communications platform and downlink from a roving platform on Mars for the Mars Sample Return Mission.  While at JPL, Don was the first to successfully achieve high efficiency TEM00 output from a diode-pumped solid state laser, with over one order of magnitude improvement in wall plug efficiency.  He left JPL to help start Amoco Laser Company (now Scientific Atlanta/Cisco) as Vice President of Technology, to develop and manufacture low noise, high power fiber amplifiers and Fiber Optic Access Networks which are extensively deployed throughout the world.

Jason Tafoya, our Director of Engineering, brings over a decade of experience in fiber device and fiber laser research and development through work at the University of NM and Kiara.  Jason has been the key person on our team in the development of the fiber combiners, mode adapters, and fiber amplifiers and fiber laser systems, developing and improving the processes through multiple iterations and has an amazing talent for bringing together the theoretical with the practical.

Dan Schulz is our Director of Operations, and started off at the University of Illinois, where he studied Nuclear Engineering specializing in laser fusion technology.  He joined the Optical Engines team in 2007, and became the resident modelling engineer using ZEMAX OpticStudio in conjuction with SolidWorks to refine and optimize our designs.  Dan has also used these skills to improve and build fiber combiners and advanced mode adapter components.  He now oversees all production and R&D operational systems from design and planning to shipment.

James Keller, John Pickron, Jeff Decker, Carson Shollenbarger, Andy Miller, Brian Schulz, Tom Beckmann, Elliott Briggs and the rest of the Optical Engines team all bring their outstanding skills and experience to everything we do and work closely with our worldwide network of partners, and collaborators to bring our very best towards supplying innovative solutions  to our customers needs.

Our Approach

Our extensive experience in photonics applications, systems and architectures provides us with a unique perspective towards translating our customer's problems and needs into  inventive approachs.  Quite often, we are presented not with a specification document, or a part number, but rather a problem or a goal and together through a consultative and collaborative process we together arrive at an approach that best meets their needs.  From this we develop the designs and processes (and even build new equipment) to create truly novel fiber devices and modules that  bring our customers success.