We constantly strive to keep improving and developing new capabilities in the areas of LMA fibers, Fiber Processing,  Fiber Devices and Fiber Amplifier designs.

LMA Fibers 

Optical Engines' extensive experience in Large Mode Area (LMA) fibers for high power narrow linewidth CW and pulsed applications has allowed us to field a line of high power fiber amplifiers and devices.  Our efforts have also produced excellent beam quality, high power LMA systems matched to a wide variety of signal inputs.  We have worked extensively with SIF-LMA, PCF, 3C, PBG, and other exotic fibers.

Fiber Processing

Optical Engines possesses the most advanced fiber processing equipment from industry leaders such as Vytran, and 3SAE, along with glass processing equipment of our own design and construction.  This technology combined with extensive process development creates efficient, multi-kW capable combiners, mode adapters, end caps and complete amplifiers with low modal distortions and excellent beam quality.

Fiber Laser and Amplifier Systems

Building fiber laser and fiber amplifier systems that can provide average powers at the kW level, or MW pulsed systems with diffraction limited beam quality and narrow linewidths is an incredible challenge.  Our success in designing and building these systems can be directly applied to your applications through devices to complete systems or assembly services.